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  •  Market estimates.
  • Detailed design and engineering in mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, automation, instrumentation,
  • Calculations of equipments and installations
  • Records of achievement.





  • Assembly of mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipments.
  • Manufacture of electrical cabinets of power, control, ... etc..                





industrial Computing


  • Programming of industrial robots. 
  • design of Systems SCADA DCS, BMS and GTC  


  • Renovation of industrial machinery, production chains, Installations of control command of any industrial process...


Technical advices and support

  • Diagnostics of mechanical and electrical installations.
  • Advices and technical assistance
  • Tracking studies and projects.
  • Tracking assembly and installation
  • Expertise and advices (increasing performance of installations, energetic audits...).
  • Consultations, assessments and help to make decision. 


Industrial assembly

  • Completion of installations
  • Assembly of installations and industrial production units. 


  •  Supply, installation of control equipments, instrumentation, monitoring, ...
  • After sale assistance of all of our achievements as part of the warranty.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of industrial Installations.
  • Testing and commissioning of our projects. 



  • Operators training on their Installations.
  • Training of maintenance staff.
  • Customized training in the industrial engineering fields.